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Why Switch?

We've spoken to two of our professional users to find out why they switched to TaxCalc. Below they share their stories.

The best way to find out why more and more practices are switching to TaxCalc is to try it for yourself! Take our no obligation 14 day trial of our entire suite of software.

When you choose to make the switch to TaxCalc, contact our dedicated sales team on 0345 5190 883 who will be happy to help you

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Case Study - Nicola Lewis, EasyBooks Wales Ltd

I am the owner of a small accounting and book keeping business based in South Wales. The business started from my front room 15 years ago and has always needed to operate on a tight budget. For many years we struggled with constructing our own accounts production systems and using HMRC free online software as we simply did not have the budget to purchase elaborate accountant’s software.

What prompted the search for new software?

As the business grew I sought a better solution and explored the market place. All the software providers offered complex software packages that were too big for my business and so expensive that we could not even consider them for us.

Eventually, my search led to TaxCalc and at first, I thought that I had mis-understood what was being offered for the advertised price. I spoke to a very helpful sales assistant who patiently explained everything to me and assured me that the software did do all that I thought and at a most affordable price. We purchased the SA100 module the same day and the software was like a breath of fresh air. All the team at EasyBooks were very impressed at how easy it was to use and was far superior to the HMRC alternative.

How have we gotten on?

This was 7 years ago and the software has continued to develop and improve each year. As our business has grown, we have added further users and modules and just over a year ago, expanded to the Accounts Production and CT600 modules. We have found this to be an excellent module and very simple to use. We recruited a new staff member and they were using it within a few days with the minimum amount of training.

We are particularly impressed with Client Hub and extended features it offers. We are looking to utilise this more extensively in our business over the coming months and it will eventually replace our current client management system altogether. The parts we are using already are excellent and very easy to use. We are further developing our procedures and streamlining processes with the help of this software.

Another part of the software that has really impressed us is the seamless connection between the Accounts Production and Tax return modules. We got very excited when we did our first one (especially in comparison to using the HMRC download PDF for CT600s – TaxCalc was so much faster and easier to follow). Now that we have competed the first year of using accounts production, we can bring forward the notes and structures for each client, making year 2 even quicker to produce.

It is quite rare that we need to call the support team as we have found the software to be robust and bug free. We receive regular updates together with information of what is changing in each update. If ever we do need to speak to anyone, they are always friendly and they don’t use technical, baffling computer jargon. I also find that if we make suggestions, they consider them to incorporate in a later update.

I believe this is the reason the software is so good because it is delivering what the customers want at an affordable price.

The price offered is very reasonable and the modular structure enables you to grow the software as your business grows. This keeps the package affordable for the smaller practices as well as the larger ones.

Keep up the great service and we look forward to continuing to use this software for many years to come.

Case Study - PS Accountants

I am the owner of PS Accountants based in Lancashire. I made the switch to TaxCalc in 2014. After researching the market it became clear that the standout option for a firm our size would be TaxCalc.

What prompted the search for new software?

The old software provider increased the annual cost by 32% which was an unacceptable increase. Given the product was also not without it’s faults (numerous patches had to be installed during the year) we began searching for an alternative. The key criteria was that the software needed to go on a server, was very user friendly and the data we already had could be uploaded onto the new system.

After researching the market it became clear that the standout option for a firm our size would be TaxCalc. The pricing was simple and straightforward and the trial period was a useful exercise in seeing just how user friendly the product would be on a day to day basis.

Another key driver was a software which would grow with us, it was important we were not going to outgrow any software which is relied on so heavily within the practice.

How have we gotten on?

TaxCalc is exactly what is required for a growing accountancy practice. Uploading the data from the previous product was a straight forward exercise and again we used the trial version to ensure any teething problems were eradicated prior to the final upload. Staff training was kept to a minimum as the creation of clients and setting up tax records is an intuitive exercise and after two hours of initial training all staff members were comfortable performing the main tasks.

The interaction between the tax and accounting modules has worked without any problems (unlike the predecessor) and any updates have been smoothly implemented. The speed with which updates are released is equally impressive and again is quicker than the predecessor.

Surprisingly with new software, we’ve not had much reliance on the TaxCalc support team as the product has worked as advertised. The only issue was adding another new members of staff as we’d reached the maximum number of initial concurrent users. Again, this was a very simple exercise to increase the number of users to both the accounting and taxation products.

With the recent improvements and upgrades to the Practice Management side of the software TaxCalc is a quality ‘one-stop-shop’ software package for the growing accountancy practice. I would certainly recommend it to the independent accountancy practice.

The best way to find out why more and more practices are switching to TaxCalc is to try it for yourself!

Take our no obligation 14 day trial of our entire suite of software.

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